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Enchanted Hair Extensions


The Training Course

The technical training is a 2 day course, consisting of all factors needed to become a recognised enchanted hair extensions technician.

Our training gives you that exciting new edge in your career you’ve been looking for. Ultimately, you’re looking not just looking to gain essential new skills with top of the range products, but you want to learn how to maximise potential earnings with such skills. That’s where our training differs from others.

Because our training is  thorough, once qualified we have full trust in you using our products. We advertise for you on our webpage, showing you to possible new clients under the best light possible. We often hold big campaigns that direct even more traffic to our website. We are then able to direct potential customers in your direction by showing you under the “find a trained technician” tab.

We specialize in not just providing the highest quality hair extensions and hair products, but also marketing within the industry. Our knowledge of such a competitive marketplace is unparalleled and with our help you can achieve truly great things. Advertising is only a minor step. First you need to work with an industry name renowned for its trusted reputation and flawless record. From there we can carefully devise a plan suiting your needs as well as your new customers’ too.


Day 1

  • product knowledge

  • application and removal of extensions (practise on a training head)

  • extension sizes

  • placement of extensions

  • client consultation

  • aftersales

  • increasing profit

  • return custom

Day 2

  • full head application on live model

  • blending cut